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  1. Adding Students to Your Splash Math Classroom

  2. All about SpringBoard 2017

  3. App has no sound. What do I do?

  4. Are you also planning to update other Splash Math grade apps?

  5. Can I continue to use the older version?

  6. Can we purchase Splash Math using the VPP program?

  7. Classroom Roster Report

  8. Creating Your Free Teacher Account

  9. Do you offer Volume Purchase discounts on bulk purchases to schools?

  10. Does Splash Math Web version covers the content of Kindergarten?

  11. Handling accidental deletes or using Splash Math on a different iPad or iPhone

  12. Has the free question limit changed after the update?

  13. How are coins/prizes awarded?

  14. How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

  15. How do I change currency for Money skills?

  16. How do I contact for support?

  17. How do I disable music in the app?

  18. How do I disable music in the app?

  19. How do I enroll my child in Splash Math?

  20. How do I enroll my class in Splash Math?

  21. How do I setup the new Classroom Edition on my iPads?

  22. How do I talk to a sales executive?

  23. How is the curriculum designed for Splash Math?

  24. How many children can I add to Splash Math?

  25. How many games are shipped in Splash Math?

  26. How Students Can Work on Multiple Grade Levels

  27. How to change the name of the Child in the app?

  28. How to delete a child account?

  29. How to edit picture password for a student (Teacher)?

  30. How to edit picture password for a student(School Admins)?

  31. How to enroll student into Summer Program?

  32. How to get my school code? (for admins)

  33. How to On-Board for Summer Program ? (for Parents)

  34. How to re-download the purchased app from the appstore?

  35. How to redeem code on my iPad?

  36. How to See Reports? (for Teachers)

  37. How to set picture password for a classroom (School Admins)

  38. How to set picture password for a classroom (Teachers)?

  39. How to start with Summer Program?

  40. How to subscribe to weekly email reports?

  41. How to unsubscribe from email reports?

  42. I am a teacher who was using my school email for a parent account on Splash Math. How do I delete/change my old account so that I can create an account on Splash Math Classroom Edition?

  43. I am an existing Splash Math app user. Can I log into Splash Math website?

  44. I deleted the app. I am still getting email reports. What do I do?

  45. I had bought all the chapters but they are all gone. What do I do?

  46. I have previously purchased the full versions of grade 1 to grade 5 apps. What would happen after all the apps are upgraded to the new versions? Can I delete all the other 5 and just use 1 instead?

  47. I just bought the premium version at Do I need to pay again for splash math (Grade 1-5) app?

  48. I just registered on splash math website and also downloaded one of your apps, but the app does not have content of grade 1-5.

  49. I want to purchase the online version. Could you send us a quote?

  50. If a buy a paid app, what will happen to my multiple profiles in the free version?

  51. If I have Splash Math apps, would subscribing for Splash Math Web version would be any beneficial?

  52. Is Splash Math Web version aligned to Common Core curriculum?

  53. My app is not loading, freezing. What do I do?

  54. My child does not read well. Do you provide voice reading of questions?

  55. Overview of All Classroom Reports on Splash Math

  56. Quick Glance of Your Class Performance

  57. School login for Splash Math

  58. School-wide login for easier access

  59. Splash Math Curriculum Structure

  60. Standards Alignment

  61. Student Progress and Performance Indicators

  62. The app is stuck on a screen what do I do?

  63. View Performance Details of One Student At-a-time

  64. What are the benefits of creating a Parent account?

  65. What are the key features in Splash Math?

  66. What is Splash Math?

  67. What is the difference between Classroom Edition and Apps that I am using?

  68. What kind of reports can I see in Splash Math?

  69. What kind of reports can I see in Splash Math?

  70. Which other grades can I access after this update?

  71. Who uses Splash Math?

  72. Why do I need to add students again?

  73. Why does the app asks me to pay again when I try to add an additional child in the paid version?

  74. Why is your pricing on per child basis?

  75. Will I lose any data after the update?

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