How are coins/prizes awarded?

Splash Math rewards children for each correct answer. This ensures the child stays motivated and looks forward to earning characters in the games. The Splash Math reward system has 2 main components:
  1. Earning Coins by Answering Problems
  2. Buying Prizes from the Games Section
Earning Coins
Splash Math awards 1 coin to the player for every correct answer.

Earning Prizes
Splash Math has a games section which includes 2 games:

a) Jungle - Children can earn cool animals like Lion, Giraffe, Elephants etc:- and play with them in their jungle.

b) Aquarium -Children can earn cool splashies like crabs, angel fish, squid etc:- and play with them in their own aquarium.

Children can unlock characters in the games by using their coins in the shop.

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