App has no sound. What do I do?

Please verify the following first:
i) Verify if all other apps have sound. If other apps have sound then proceed further, otherwise contact Apple support for iPad sound settings.
ii) If Splash Math app is the only app that does not have sound then try the following options: 

Option 1: Check if sound setting is ON in the app
  1. Open "Splash Math" app on the iPad and go to the "Home Screen".
  2. Click on "Parent Section" button.
  3. Click on “Settings” tab.
  4. Check if "Background Music" is ON

Option 2: Verify iPad settings
  1. Open iPad "Settings" app
  2. Click on "Sounds".
  3. Turn "Change with Buttons" to ON (if it is OFF)
  4. Increase the Volume of the "Ringer and Alerts"
  5. Close "Settings" app
  6. Open "Splash Math” app on the iPad
  7. Increase the volume using the iPad volume buttons. You should be able to hear the music.

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