Assessment Test

What is an Assessment?

Assessment is an adaptive, diagnostic tool which helps teachers in understanding student learning gaps and tracking student growth. Further, It provides teachers with detailed class reports and individual student reports.

How will it help teachers?

Assessments help teachers by identifying the learning gaps at a skill level, gauge a topic’s understanding at any time of the year and issues of struggling students. It also provides teachers with detailed reports and creates a unique personalized learning path for individual students.

When can I use the Assessments, and where can my students take it?

Assessments can be assigned at any time of the year and can be taken multiple times. The students can use assessments in class or at home.

Note- An assessment can only be reassigned only after the class completes it.

How to assign assessments?

To assign an assessment, follow the following steps at your dashboard

  1. Click on the assessments tab available on the teacher dashboard.

  2. Choose the assessment you want your class to practice

  3. Click on the assign button.

Voila! you have assigned the assessment to your entire class.

How to view reports generated by assessments?

Follow the below steps to view the reports generated by assessments:

  1. Go to Teacher dashboard

  2. Click on the assessments tab

  3. Click on the see report

How to interpret the assessment reports at the class and student level?

The Assessment tool generates the following reports for every assessment completed:

  • Average Class Score report: A visual report at the topic level for the students that helps the teacher to understand class growth over-assessments attempted by the students and benchmark the topical performance of the students against a benchmark score (pre-set for every grade)

  • Class Diagnostic report: A visual report at the topic level for the class that helps the teacher to understand skill-wise abilities of each child in the class and group the children according to skill gaps/strengths and address the same accordingly.

The student tab report helps you understand the detailed progress that the student does every month and also lets you know how many topics they have started practising on any skill or how many are yet to be started.

The class report shows the progress of the class over the months and shows how many students have passed or failed the diagnostic test. You can re-assign the assessments to the whole class by clicking on ‘Re-assign’ or give it to only those students who failed by clicking on the ‘Assign Practice’ button.

You can change the skill if you have given multiple assessments from different skills by using the button available at the top right corner of the screen. Both the reporting tabs provide you with the feature to prints the report as well.

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