Creating Your Free Teacher Account

Teachers get fun math practice for your students, get started with Splash Math is easy and effortless.

Click on the link to get started - Teacher Sign up, This will take you to our teacher registration page.

Follow the below steps to sign up as a teacher within a few minutes.

Step 1: Please fill all the details and click on "Sign up and start teaching".

Step 2: Open your email to activate your account. If you have not received, Click on "Resend verification email".

Step 3: Add your classroom by simply giving the class name and selecting grade. Click "Next".

Step 4: Add students to your classroom by entering students name or by using a spreadsheet.

Step 5: Click on "Done adding students".

Step 6: Click on "Go to class".

Step 7: Your account Setup will be Completed, You would be taken to your classroom dashboard.

Congratulations! Your account has been successfully created on Splash Math.

To create more classes, Click here or to add more students, click here.

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