View Detailed Performance of One Student At-a-time

Splash Math provides extensive reports by the student which can be used to monitor the overall progress of each student as well as a deep dive into the activity to find possible trouble spots.

You can reach the individual student performance Reports using the following simple steps:

Step 1:
 Go to "Student Performance" tab.

Step 2: Click on the Student's name to view the reports of that student.

Step 3: Navigate to "Overall Summary", "Detailed report" and "Activity".

Types of reports:

1. Overall Summary: This tab provides a summary of progress made by the student according to the topic. This report gives the view of overall math proficiency.

2. Detailed Report: This tab provides a skill-wise detailed report of the progress made by the student. This report helps the teacher to identify the skill where students are lacking. (Tip: Look for skills with status: Needs Improvement for trouble spots)

3. Activity: This report displays the daily time spent on the program. This helps teachers find out usage patterns and find out if the student is practicing math regularly.

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