Quick Glance of Your Class Performance

The classroom performance report from Splash Math is one of the best and time saving way to monitor class performance quickly. This report shows the following information about the class:

  1. Overall Summary: Performance Overview of all students in all skills in a single view
  2. Detailed Report: Deep dive into Performance of all students in one skill
  3. Class Activity: Progress of Splash Score and Time Spent by all the students.

You can reach the classroom performance report by clicking on the "Classroom Performance" tab on the teacher dashboard.

1. Overall Summary

This report is a matrix with all students listed in the columns and all skills in the grade listed in rows. Now, as a teacher, you might want to see how students are doing in addition. The report below shows that out of 10 students -

  1. "Addition using Pictures within 10" (Skill 1.1) has been mastered by all students.
  2. Three skills (1.7, 1.8, 1.9) have been attempted by 2 students who are way ahead from other students.
  3. No student is struggling currently as there is none marked in red (Needs Improvement)

2. Detailed Report

Here, you can analyze which specific skills need improvement, need more practice and have been mastered. You can reteach or have a remedial class on the skill based on the class performance in the skill.

3. Activity
This report shows the Class Splash Score* of your class and Time Spent by the class practicing problems on Splash Math.

*Splash Score: Class Splash Score denotes the math proficiency of all the students in the class in the grade. A score of 100 means that all students in the class have mastered all the skills in the respective grade.

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