Overview of All Classroom Reports on Splash Math

Splash Math provides a quick overview of how students are using Splash Math in the "Class Overall Stats" along with three main reports.

  1. Student Performance Report
  2. Classroom Performance Report
  3. Class Roster Report

Splash Math provides extensive reports by the student which can be used to monitor the overall progress of each student as well as a deep dive into the activity to find possible trouble spots.

2. Classroom Performance Report

The classroom performance report from Splash Math is one of the best and time-saving way to monitor class performance quickly. This report shows the following information about the class:

  1. Overall Summary: Performance Overview of all students in all skills in a single view
  2. Detailed Report: Deep dive into Performance of all students in one skill
  3. Class Activity: Progress of Splash Score and Time Spent by all the students.

Splash Math Classroom Roster is a great way to keep students information organized and updated. It gives two options to print out the roster:

  1. Print cards for each student - Cut out cards which can be given to students to keep inside their math folder or notebook
  2. Print as a list - Tabular form of all students username and passwords, which you can keep in your planning book or in your substitute teacher folder 

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