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As an educator, you might have difficulty making math seem fun for your kids. Children generally consider school, worksheets, homework as "Work" and videos, games, mobile, tablets as "Fun". Clearly, there should be a way to help kids learn from what they do best – play. Splash Math tailor's student's learning experience to his or her interests by presenting math skills in an entertaining game-like format. We deliver truly meaningful experiences to students using the following key principles:

  1. Make learning personal
  2. Designing engaging problems
  3. Positive reinforcement with an award system

1. Make learning personal

Splash Math uses an adaptive algorithm and a skill recommendation engine to ensure the student is always challenged with just right content. You can read more about our algorithm in Math Curriculum section.

2. Designing engaging problems
Splash Math uses the following methods to make the learning experience in itself engaging:

  1. Interactive Problems - students drag drop, color shapes, eat pizzas to answer problems.
  2. Visually Appealing Themed Content - each problem is presented in a theme with choices as fishes, animals animated on screen.
  3. Multiple Themes - Multiple themes are available customized with different age groups (Candy theme, under-sea, water, jungle, space)
  4. Hippo the Pippo - Hippo comes in the problems to motivate the student on both correct and wrong answers.
  5. Progress - Progress in a skill is also shown in a visually engaging manner

3. Rewards & Games

Awards work especially well with younger children. Ideally, we try to make kids find learning fun for the sake of learning, rather than for the sake of outside award. However, by instilling the principle that “learning” equals “award,” we automatically associate education with positive experiences and emotions. In Splash Math, as students learn a math skill, they earn coins when they answer problems correctly and achieve mastery in skills. These coins can be used in multiple games to collect pets.

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