Student Center

Student Center is the new login arena for your students. They can choose their profile/avatar from here and play on Splash math in no time. It is a much easier and faster way of accessing Splash Math without having to enter individual username/password every time, hence more play time for your students.

Please note that this requires only a one time set up on classroom devices. Detailed steps to set up Student Center  on classroom devices are as follow:

Step 1: Login to your Teacher dashboard with your credentials.

Step 2: Click on the "Go to Student Center" button at the top of your dashboard.

Step 3:  Students choose their respective classroom (This step is required only for multiple classrooms)

Step 4: Students choose their profile from here

Step 5: Students enters into their account successfully

Step 6: Students click on 'Logout' button once done.

Step 7: Once logged out, the students will be again redirected to the student center

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