Adding Students to Your Splash Math Classroom

Splash Math provides 2 ways to add students to your classroom. You can use any of the following ways to add students.

  1. Using a text input box
  2. Using a spreadsheet
STEP 1: Login to your Splash Math account. You should see the classroom dashboard page (as shown below) after signing in. Click on "Class Management" tab or click on the "Add Students" button.

STEP 2: If you have parent email addresses and student names available in a spreadsheet, click on the "Add Students using Spreadsheet" button. Else, just add names of students in the text box provided and click "Add Students" button.

STEP 3: Download the student excel template by clicking on the link "Download Template". Enter the student details in the template provided. (Skip this step if you are not using the spreadsheet)

STEP 3: Upload the filled template excel file. You can skip the student last name or email if these are not available with you. Click on "Add Students" button after uploading the template file.

(Skip this step if you are not using the spreadsheet)

STEP 4: After you click on Add Students, you would see the list of students to be added on the page. Verify the student names and then click on "Done Adding Students". You can add more students now or later to your classroom.

STEP 5: After you click on Done Adding Students, you should see the following screen. You can -

a) Print Parent Cards (PDF file is provided for download - sample image provided below) OR

b) Email Login Information to Parents (Email is sent to all parents whose email have been added) OR

c) Simply "Go to  Class Management, Click on Print Roster " and "Click on Print Card For Each Student"

Screen with options:

Sample Parent Card

Class Roster Page after adding students

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