How Students Can Work on Multiple Grade Levels

No two children are the same in a classroom. It's no longer possible to look at a group of students in a classroom and pretend they are essentially alike. The goal of Splash Math Program is to motivate and challenge all students to pursue math learning that addresses and meet their educational needs. Splash Math provides access to math skills from both lower and higher grade levels to enable students to move ahead at their own pace.

Splash Math enables differentiated learning in the classroom with these two functionalities:

1. Full curriculum access and freedom to move ahead or behind across grade-levels and topics.

The screen below shows a drop-down available to each student on their dashboard. Students see the default grade-level assigned by the teacher. However, they can switch grade-levels and practice skills from higher or lower grades using the drop-down.

2. Teachers can create multiple classrooms/groups for students based on grade-level or support different groups in the classroom with Splash Math.

Step 1: Click on the "Classes" dropdown in the top bar.

Step 2: Click on "Add New Class" link to add a new class.

Step 3: Add the name of the new Classroom or Group and a default grade-level.

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