Classroom Roster Report

Splash Math Classroom Roster is a great way to keep students information organized and updated.

You can reach the classroom roster section by clicking on the "Roster" tab on the teacher dashboard.


Splash Math Classroom Roster shows the following information about students.

All the information displayed in the roster is editable. You can update the information by clicking on the small pencil icon next to it:

  1. Class Name - This is the class name you used while setting up the classroom
  2. Student's Avatar - You can change the Avatar of your students
  3. First Name - To update the student's first name
  4. Last Name - To update the student's last name
  5. Parent's Email - To update student's parent email
  6. Username - The username is preassigned by Splash Math. You can change it if you follow any other convention
  7. Password - You can also update the password for each student. Minimum 4 characters required.
Removing Students
You can remove a student from the classroom roster by clicking "Delete". Remember, it will also remove all the data or progress associated with the student.

Print Roster

It is used to print out the roster or student information. It has two options:

  1. Print cards for each student - Cut out cards which can be given to students to keep inside their math folder or notebook. The card can also be used as a sticker if they have a preassigned computer system in the lab.
  2. Print as a list - Tabular form of all students username and passwords, which you can keep in your teacher planning book or in your substitute teacher folder.

Add More Students

You can add more students by clicking on the "Add More Students" button at the top right corner of the Roster

You can add students either entering student's names in the box or by uploading a spreadsheet.

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