View Performance Details of One Student At-a-time

Splash Math provides extensive reports by a student which can be used to monitor the overall progress of each student as well as a deep dive into the activity to find possible trouble spots.

You can reach the student performance section of the Classroom Reports using the following simple steps:

Step 1: Click on "Student Performance" tab on the teacher dashboard.

Step 2: Now, click on the student's name on the left menu to view performance.

Type of Reports Available

1. Student Information: Avatar, Username, Password

You can view the password of the student by clicking on show.

2. Activity Overview: Provides an overview of student activity in the chosen grade. You can change the grade from the drop-down.

    (Time spent answering problems in Grade, Problems Attempted in the Grade, Correct Answers in the Grade, Splash Score in the Grade)

3. Overall Summary: This tab provides a topic-wise summary of the progress made by the student. This is a good view to see overall math proficiency of a student by topic.

4. Detailed Report: This tab provides a skill-wise detailed report of the progress made by the student. This is a good view to see deep dive and find skills where a student is having trouble. (Tip: Look for skills with status: Needs Improvement for trouble spots)

This report also shows progress, accuracy and time spent in each skill. Here, you can see which specific topics/skills need improvement, need more practice and have been mastered.

5. Activity: This report shows daily time spent on the program. This helps teachers find out usage patterns and find out if the student is practicing math regularly.

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