School login for Splash Math

What is School login?

School login is a new feature in Splash Math which allows the teachers and students to login in a better and quicker way. This feature lets you use the same login screen for all the teachers in the school.

How does School login work?

School login lets you generate a school code and dynamic token to log in from the Splash Math website. This is a one-time activity and once it is completed, every time you open, you will see the list of teachers from your school.

Setting up the school login has one pre-requisite: Your institution should have an active school license with Splash Math.

Why should you use a school login?

•Picture password for students

Students are able to remember pictures better than text passwords. With the school login and picture passwords enabled, the students will be able to login with just 2 clicks.

•Single page setup

Once you have logged on to Splash Math using the school code and dynamic token, you will be able to see all the teachers from the school, making it easier for everyone to switch classrooms and log in more quickly.

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